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Tuesday 14th March

Personal development day 4

Friday 24th March

Red nose charity day

Mon 10th April – Fri 21st April

Easter holiday




9 June. New Maths papers

These are an extra set of maths papers for use when revising for paper 3:

Higher Paper 3

Higher Paper 3 Mark Scheme

Found Paper 3

Found Paper 3 Mark Scheme

The worked solutions are here, towards the bottom of the page: new Hastings website. 

Y11 Study Leave

Study leave for year 11 starts on Thursday 8 June. Lessons for year 11 will continue until the last exam and pupils are welcome to continue to attend until then as normal if they wish. In particular, we would strongly encourage pupils to continue to attend those lessons where there are examinations still to be taken.

Extra Maths Practice Papers

We have a set of extra maths practice papers for year 11. Click here to download them:
Found Paper 2 Question Paper
Found Paper 2 Mark Scheme
Higher Paper 2 Question Paper
Higher Paper 2 Mark Scheme

Easter Revision Programme

Over Easter there is a full GCSE revision programme at school. The list of sesssions can be downloaded from the letters section.

New GCSE grades

This year the Government has introduced a new GCSE grading system for maths and English. It uses a 9-1 scale instead of A*-G with 4 being equivalent to a C and 7 being equivalent to an A. The rest of the grades do not map across exactly though. For the current year 10 most subjects use the new grading system and for year 9 virtually all do. If you want to find out more, the official website explaining it is here: New GCSE  9-1 grades.

Careers Page

Our careers page has a number of useful links for year 9 and year 11 pupils who are considering future career pathways. Please click here to access it.


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